Kids and Trophies

Should kids earn trophies?🏆 Should we reward participation by giving everyone a trophy? 🏆 Those questions have been asked by many parents, as kids don’t come with instructions so there is no “sure” way to know what to do :). While it would be nice to continuously being able to reward “the best thing” ever […]

Importance of Allowing Kids to Create

Are we killing our children’s creativity? Always watching and worrying about what they’re doing, wondering if it’s “right” and following all of the rules? Are you constantly hovering over your child’s shoulder, watching every step they take and telling them when they do something wrong? By doing so, we are doing our children a great […]

“Make Your Bed”

At Project Be You, we want our students to grow up knowing that they can change the world in whatever they do, even with the small things like making their bed each morning before leaving the house. We instill in our students that the little things matter in life and that by having better productivity […]

Pressure of Being Perfect

Do you feel the pressure of being perfect? I think our society expects perfection. Somehow, we are expected to look perfect, to be perfect at the first try, to accomplish perfect results. Mistakes are frowned upon and judged. But is perfection possible without trials and errors? Dramatic pause to think about it 😊. At Project […]

Kids’ Contributions to the World

Did you know that Christmas lights, the trampoline, “Superman,” and even earmuffs were invented by children? Yep, how cool is that? Kids invent things all the time, even dating back to 1824. Louis Braille, blind since the age of 3 due to a severe injury, was just 12 years old when he created the Braille […]

I am proud of you!

As a teacher and a parent myself, being on the front end of home education has been quite the transition. For the last few weeks, I have watched parents ‘falling apart’ because the work was too much to keep track of. There’s the parents who got their shit together with the daily schedules and by […]

Do You Know Your Child’s Love Language?

Holiday Season is upon us so are gift searching adventures. As parents we hope to find “that special” gift to get “that special look” on our kids faces faces. What if I tell you that child’s love language has a lot to do with what gifts they hope to get. Are you familiar with the […]

What Can We Do to Prepare Kids for “Adulting”

Teachers like Robert Hand at Mount Vernon High School, just north of Seattle, are providing real life skills to students in order to better prepare them for the workforce and for being a real, independent adult. These are practical life skills that any student would need. Not everyone can, or wants, to become a surgeon […]

Don’t Solve Your Kids Problem.

We all have bad days and the vices that help get us through them. Though you may not remember it, you didn’t get there on your own. Growing up, we watch our parents get through their bad days and, hopefully, we learn a healthy way to handle those negative feelings ourselves. When your child comes […]