Key Words: Why Teach Kids Words – to Pass the Test

Keywords help us to unlock meaning, enhance understanding, and build context. Learning to identify keywords will empower your kids to study and work effectively, transport them to fantastic imaginary worlds, and better understand the one we actually live in. 

When reading, you want your kids to be able to understand the words on the page. The ultimate goal of reading is always understanding. With knowledge of key words and what they mean, it will be easier to understand everything that your kids are reading. 

The most effective way to teach your kids how to identify keywords is to teach them the question words. These words will help your child to define the different kinds of important information they will encounter throughout life.

What? Identify information about something.
When? Identify information regarding time.
Where? Identify information about a place or position.
Which? Identify information regarding choice.
Who? Identify information about people.
How? Identify information about the manner in which something is done.
If your kids are able to critically analyze what they read by using the question words, they will better understand everything they read. They will be able to pick out the most important points of their reading and use it in class to show they have understood what they learned. identify%20keywords%20will,difficult%20for%20them%20to%20master.